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• We strive to bring you the best in technological laser advancements.
• SL Lasers is a top quality machine that operates at a specific wave lenght to ensure ultimate client safety.
• Our SL Lasers technicians are qualified to operate the SL Lasers machine.
• Be carefull of unsatisfactory immitations (not part of the SL Lasers brand) as some can cause severe damage to the skin or undesired results when operated by inexperienced and untrained operators!
• For a list of authorised technicians and original SL Lasers machine owners visit our website at

• Skin rejuvenation
• Exfoliates and refreshes
• Large pore reduction and firmer skin
• Reduced fine lines and wrinkles
• Blackhead removal
• Pigmentation removal
• Age spot removal
• Tattoo removal
• Permanent Makeup removal
• Birthmark removal

What type of tattoo removal does SL Lasers offer? 2019-04-30T13:48:23+00:00

• Removes unwanted tattoo’s
• Dispels traumatic tattoo’s
• Removes pigment migration
• Removes Permanent Makeup

What is the treatment like? 2019-04-30T13:48:33+00:00

Removals requires advanced laser technology at a specific wave length. The beam passes through the skin and breaks up tattoo pigment particles of all colours and shades into smaller particles. These particles are then gradually eliminated through the body’s lymphatic system. Eventually, the tattoo fades in much the same way that a bruise fades over time.

Why do clients choose a tattoo removal procedure? 2019-04-30T13:48:41+00:00

• A bad tattoo. Poorly executed by an amateur tattoo artist, or a misspelled tattoo.
• The tattoo has become faded and blurry.
• Name removal after a relationship ended.
• Your taste has changed.
• In some professions, having a visible tattoo is unacceptable or deemed unprofessional.
• You want a different tattoo or have it completely removed.

How many treatments do I need? 2019-04-30T13:48:59+00:00

The number of treatments differs for individuals. Various factors will determine the number of treatments. Some include:

• Fitzpatrick skin type
• Tattoo layering (if the tattoo is a cover-up)
• Location on the body
• Ink/pigment colors
• Intensity of the ink/pigment
• Pre-existing scarring

Book a consultation with your SL Lasers Technician to discuss the best possible treatment.

Is it safe? 2019-04-30T13:48:50+00:00

Yes, it is. When performed correctly by a certified, experienced laser technician, laser tattoo removal is both safe and effective. However, it is a clinical procedure. As such, there is a potential for associated risks.
We will not perform any procedures without first assessing your medical history, current health condition, and any potential you may have for complications.

Is laser tattoo removal painful? 2019-04-30T13:49:07+00:00

It can be uncomfortable. People who have had laser tattoo-removal treatment compare it to the snap of an elastic band against the skin. However, we all experience pain differently and tolerance is a variable factor.

In preparation for your treatment, you may wish to take an over-the-counter, non-Aspirin®. DO NOT take Aspirin® products as they can increase the risk of bruising and/or bleeding. Please consult with your SL Lasers technician for more information.

Are there any Precautions to take before removal procedures? 2019-04-30T13:49:17+00:00

Strict sun protection measures must be emphasized to all patients. Melanin in the epidermis can compete for the absorption of laser light intended for tattoo removal. This can cause destruction of the melanin containing cells and manifest as dyspigmentation, blistering or scarring. The use of longer wavelengths in patients with a tan or patients with darker skin types can reduce such absorption by epidermal melanin and reduce the risk of complications.

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Tattoo Removal


Birthmark Removal


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Age Spot Removal


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