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Your lips can now be beautifully shaped and tinted requiring very little maintenance. Create an even shape, more symmetrical look and the illusion of more volume.

Lip Liner
A solid Permanent lip liner

Soft Lip Liner
With this technique we soften out the lip liner to appear more natural.

Full Lips / Gloss ‘n Go
As created by Tracy Giles. The highly innovative Gloss and Go© permanent make up lip treatment achieves a perfect shaped and tinted lip without a border, giving you shapely, full, sensual. Soft mineral pigments are infused onto your lips with an airbrush effect so all you need to do is add a dab of lip gloss and you’re good to go!

Full lips including a different shade of lip liner
We outline the lips with a darker shade of colour to the one we colour the rest of the lip to define the lip shape.

3D Lips
With this technique we use soft contouring of the lip liner with several shades to help add depth and dimension to the lips.

I have a cold sore on my lip at the moment; can I have a lip treatment? 2017-01-21T13:43:12+00:00

No. A cold sore must be completely healed before a procedure can be performed.

Can I have a lip wax or bleaching treatment before a lip treatment? 2017-01-20T13:43:47+00:00

No. This can cause additional irritation to the skin and might alter the desired look when healed.

Will it be painful? 2017-01-19T13:44:21+00:00

Due to the larger area and greater blood supply lips can be more sensitive after a procedure.

Will I be able to eat / drink after a procedure? 2017-01-17T13:45:22+00:00

With lip treatments it is best to avoid spicy and salty foods until the area has healed. You might have irritation when drinking liquid and would need to use a straw.

Lip Liner


Soft Lip Liner


Full Lips / Gloss 'n Go


Full Lips + Lip Liner


3D Lips

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