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Whether you suffer from hair loss, have very light colored eyebrows or would simply like to enhance your natural eyebrows – our eyebrow procedures can have a dramatic effect to make you feel more confident and satisfied by the appearance of your eyebrows. There are different options available that can be discussed when you set up an appointment to determine what look you would like to achieve and which technique will be the best for you.

Powder brows
This is a very soft and natural looking effect for brows. This technique replicates the same effect of eye shadow powder being applied on the brows.

Block brows / Full brows
Is bold and creates a solid looking effect on eyebrows giving the same effect as colouring in the brows with a eyebrow pencil.

Hair stroke brows
Very fine hairs are drawn to create the illusion fuller looking brows. A very natural, realistic looking brow can be created using this hair stroke technique.

Ombré brows
With this option we have tones of colour that shade into each other, graduating from light to dark.

Combination brows
(Any of the above techniques can be combined.)

Can I have my brows waxed before I have a brow treatment? 2017-01-25T13:37:27+00:00

Brow waxing should be performed at least 48 hours before any brow treatment.

Can I have electrolysis on my brows before I have a brow treatment? 2017-01-24T13:38:03+00:00

A minimum of five days between having electrolysis and a brow procedure is recommended.

Powder brows


Block / Full brows


Hair stroke brows


Ombré brows


Combination brows

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