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Masters Qualified Permanent Make Up Specialist | Paramedical Practitioner | Trainer and Supplier

After completing her level 4 beauty studies in 2001, Sulé went on to study Permanent Makeup in the UK. She completed her fundamental Permanent Makeup course in 2002 and continued to study different Permanent Makeup MasterClasses and Paramedical courses in South Africa, USA and Europe.

She has gained advanced knowledge and experience in both the manual method, machine method and different Permanent Makeup and Paramedical techniques from all over the world. She completed her Masters and Trainers Certificates from the USA in 2008. She returned home and opened her own Permanent Makeup Academy and Clinic in South Africa.

Her vast experience and knowledge enabled her to develop different techniques. These techniques lead to new ways of teaching Permanent Makeup that made it easier for students to learn. Her experience and motivation to improve the Permanent Makeup industry empowered her to develop her own, brand new and innovative, Microblading and Manual Shading brand, CelebBrows®.

Sulé has continuously researched correctional Permanent Makeup methods and techniques over her career and has become a master in her craft. She has recently procured the title, Worldwide PMU and Tattoo Removal Master, endorsed by NPM International due to her extensive knowledge surrounding pigment removal and camouflaging.

She continues to study and excel in the Permanent Makeup industry, internationally and locally. She has trained numerous technicians abroad and also introduced the first and only Hair Follicle Simulation (HFS) in South Africa, expanding the boundaries of Permanent Makeup in South Africa.

She completed various Permanent Makeup MasterClasses in Europe and hosted a variety of successful MasterClasses and international conferences with the likes of the very elegant and world renowned Tracy Giles from the UK, Tünde Méhn and owner and founder of NPM International Moshe Alul. She presents her own MasterClasses all over the world to help and grow the Permanent Makeup industry in the right direction.

Sulé is always on the lookout for something new to improve the Permanent Makeup industry locally that does not only include the procedure, but also the knowledge and correct applications of quality products. She introduced this vision with her company PMU Supplies, where you will found everything you need regarding pigments, Permanent Makeup machines, tools and a variety of Permanent Makeup accessories.


To teach and educate students the correct Permanent Makeup techniques and applications and to raise the standards of South African Permanent Makeup to an international level.


  • Sulé Loggenberg Academy & Clinic’s mission is to improve the quality of Permanent Makeup education and procedures
  • To provide the highest quality procedures at the best competitive prices
  • To continue to change the public’s negative view of Permanent Makeup
  • To ensure our training syllabus and products and equipment adapts and grow with all changes in the industry
  • To supply top quality imported supplies available under one roof
  • To supply these products and equipment at the best possible competitive prices


““I am passionate about the Permanent Makeup industry and all it has to offer. Thus far I had a wonderful blessed career and experienced personal growth on every level of Permanent Makeup. I am a firm believer of quality education when it comes to Permanent Makeup and this is why Sulé Loggenberg Academy & Clinic brings you only the most advanced and recent in training and products from all over the world. My career has taken me places and taught me things that I could only dream off, and I am looking forward to what the future has in store. SL Academy and the procedures designed for the modern woman” – Sulé Loggenberg